Progressive Filter Cartridge (2020 Arctic Custom Models and Newer)


We start with a very course media designed to catch large particles. We slowly decrease size of the media layers in the filter cartridge to catch the smallest particles in the water.

We use 5 different types of media in the filters that allow each layer to catch the size of particle it was designed to. The result is amazingly clean water and significantly improved filter longevity.

Customizable (more style filters coming soon)

As we continue to develop our Progressive Filtration System, we will be able to change the filter media layers to account for specific water situations.

Areas with high iron can have an iron filter added; high calcium, a calcium filter etc. Water with more contaminants in a specific micron range can have more of that media added.

The result will be custom built filters to provide the most effective and long lasting filters built specifically for your area. With the OnSpa® app you will be able to determine what type of filter you have in your spa and when it was last changed.

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